Creative Commons Free-to-Use Resources

(To skip past my blabbing the Free-to-Use archive gallery is here.)

Today on Patreon as an Early Access reward for patrons I released some visual elements under the Creative Commons license system. This means that anyone can use these elements for free, even to create commercial work, as long as they do their due diligence in attribution.

You can learn more about the Creative Commons licenses here at their website.

In coordination with that post, I have also put some elements here on our website ready for use by anyone immediately. Currently there are six animal/creature illustrations and one map. You can check them out here on our Free-to-Use archive gallery.

My reason for doing so is pretty simple: I’d like to do something to help out independent tRPG designers. There are a lot of talented writers and designers out there without the funds to hire illustrators or map makers so my hope is to, in some small way, provide some resources that a fledgling designer can use to help out their initial works.

I hope someone gets some use out of these images, and if you do please let us know with a message, email, or tweet so we can spread the word.

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