Saturday Morning Brief 2

Good morning and welcome to the second edition of our monthly Saturday Morning Brief, in which we review the preceding month’s releases and preview the next one.


The number of releases for the month of April have me pretty excited. Productivity is currently my main over-arching goal before I open myself up to commissions, so I am happy to be at a level that is more than I set as my personal minimum. The releases for the past month were:

  • (Was Adept Only, now Public) A worksheet for creating Region outlines for your campaign world, which has left early-access and is available to non-patrons.
  • (Patron Only) An early-access Dark Elf ruin, an ancient ruined site where arboreal fair-folk once defended.
  • (Patron only) A patreon exclusive isometric Underdark panorama, the reward for hitting our first goal.
  • (Public) A free map of a sewer entrance, an older map that I souped up and edited.
  • (Patron Only) A set of printable minis of cute animal companions, two of which were designed with the help of my very first two patrons.
  • (Patron Only) The first set of early access free-to-use images, which use a Creative Commons license so that you can use them in your commercial work (with attribution to us, of course).
  • (Patron Only) An early-access map of a Briarfolk Settlement, an old ruin on a lonely wave-wracked island off the northern coasts of somewhere.
  • (Adept Only) And a set of Initiative Tents and Condition Markers, the first of many designs I’ll be testing out in that area.

Eight releases is far beyond what I expected to achieve, and I hope you’ll forgive me if that is a production number that I don’t hit regularly (though I will certainly try!).

For May our first releases this upcoming Tuesday will include a free public map of a set of caves, perhaps the lair of some beasts or the hidey-hole for some bandits, as well as an article for Adept patrons discussing Combat and Narrative Tension. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here also is a preview of a map which might be released later in the month:


We’ve gained a new Patron, bringing our number up to 8! That also means were very very close to hitting the InDesign Goal, for which I am eternally grateful. That goal will mean that each month will have some kind of supplemental PDF as well as a worksheet or table-based PDF for our Adept level patrons – at a minimum.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been going pretty hard on advertising and sharing links to the Patreon, but I think I’m going to change my tack in this regard. I feel like over-sharing might be construed as seeming desperate when I am pretty happy with the growth so far.

Based on some wise words I’ve seen on Twitter, I think it is better for me to try and grow my audience at large and provide easy to follow links to the Patreon instead of pushing the Patreon itself.

This means I’ll need to focus a little more on my website and social media presence, sharing progress and ideas. This will be easier as this second month of the Patreon means things from the first month will be leaving early-access and becoming available to the public. It also means I’ll be cross-posting any public content, such as this monthly update, on my website.

Until Tuesday, best regards, and may your dice roll true. 


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