Saturday (?) Morning Brief III

Yes, yes, I know it’s Tuesday. However my weekend was extremely busy and I like to maintain consistency so today we’ll do a Saturday Morning Brief on Tuesday Morning.

As an FYI: Saturday Morning Brief is something I try to do once a month to keep everyone up to date on the stuff worked on and released during the past month. Sort of a way to tie everything together but also to keep myself appraised on my Patreon responsibilities. The first two I’ve released on the Patreon, but I’ve decided it fits better on the website and linked from Patreon.

Each of these Briefs provide a way for patrons and non-patrons to see what material is available from the previous month. Hopefully this is convenient. If it isn’t let me know — I don’t need to do these monthly briefs if they get in the way more than anything.


May was a super productive month with a total of 9 separate releases, many of those containing multiple maps or images.

Since our last update we’ve had another supplement leave Early Access and so is now available to everyone: Initiative Tents!

Since our last Saturday Morning Brief we’ve had the following releases:


This past month I announced that any map or illustration released through my Patreon or on this website were covered under a Creative Commons license. Before this I had been choosing individual pieces, but when I thought about it I saw no reason why I should. Anything that I make that I wouldn’t want to put into other people’s hands will simply not be released for free. This way I can accomplish my goal of helping tRPG writers with every release automatically.

The big thing I’m trying to narrow my focus on is more supplemental material. Before starting 9th Key Press I ran this website as Role-Play Craft, and writing material was my main focus. These days I am mostly concerned with maps and illustrations. I’d like to swing the balance back a few degrees, as I feel I still have some things to say and a lot of my older amateur material could use updating and polish. So expect to see more non-image related stuff in the future. Tales from the Sablewood is the first taste of this.

On the Patreon we’ve gained a new patron but lost another. We’re still within swinging distance of that next goal, however, which will increase the minimum supplement release per month to 2 (one article and one worksheet).


And here are a few teasers of material currently in Early Access or still on the stove stewin’.

Well that’s all for this update. Hopefully next month the Saturday Morning Brief will actually be on a Saturday!

PS: Keep an eye on the Sighing Barrow, it leaves Early Access on the 7th.

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