Map Commissions

I am now taking commissions for dungeon maps or location maps.

The styles I currently work in (for commissions) are top-down dungeons and locations, villages/towns/cities, and isometric locations (either dungeons or towns).

To help you request a commission I have provided guidelines below. These aren’t meant to be set in stone, however, so feel free to start a conversation with me about what it is in particular that you want done: or

Commercial Commissions

Pricing is based on the size of the work and the level of detail. To make it easy, I have broken starting prices between a “Basic” level of detail and a “Detailed” level of detail.

These prices are for commissions in which the piece will be used for profit. You get exclusive rights to the piece to use as you see fit. You will receive a copy of the piece in jpeg, png, or tiff format.

All work is currently done in black and white or grey-scale. All work is hand drawn and inked before being scanned and digitally cleaned up and tweaked.

  • Full PageA4 (8.27 × 11.69 inches) or Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) Page, 600 dpi
    • Basic – Starting at 50 dollars
    • Detailed – Starting at 75 dollars
  • Half PageA5 (5.8 x 8.3 in) page, 600 dpi
    • Basic – Starting at 30 dollars
    • Detailed – Starting at 45 dollars
  • Quarter PageA6 (4.1 x 5.8 in) page, 600 dpi
    • Basic – Starting at 20 dollars
    • Detailed – Starting at 30 dollars

PRICING – This is a starting point, however pricing is flexible depending on the exact detailing required, number of pieces commissioned, etc. If you are an independent solo producer with a low art/map budget, especially if you are doing first time work, contact me and we’ll make something work. Or you could check out my gallery of free to use maps here, which use a Creative Commons license.

A large amount of detail may cause the price to go up, depending on the time it adds to complete the task.

Personal Commissions

If you are wanting a piece for personal use, I will charge you a portion of the prices above based on the exact nature of the piece and the time it will take to complete. I will retain creative rights to the piece to use on my website, patreon, or elsewhere.

If you want exclusive rights to a piece you are commissioning for yourself, the price will still be as a commercial piece above.


  • Basic
    • Grid size restricted to 4-5 squares an inch
    • Very few minor details, minor or no edge shading in one direction, a few simple objects or furnishings such as chests or barrels
    • Basic border or wall design such as hatching or roughly grid-sized blocks, cobbles, or stonework(or larger).
    • Tiling uses simple lines, broken lines, or corner crosses.
  • Detailed
    • Grid size can be from 4mm squares (useful for fitting large dungeons on one sheet) to 1 inch squares (useful for battle maps).
    • More details like more complicated shading, more and more detailed furnishings, terrain like grass, rocks, ridges, or roads
    • Border or wall design can have more fine detailing such as brickwork or cobblestone, and can have a moderate mixture of styles throughout the map.
    • More detailed tiling made to look like stonework, cobblestones, brickwork, woodwork, etc.
    • Isometric or Village/Town/City maps are Detailed by default due to the nature of their design.