Articles and Supplements

This is an index of articles and supplements released to the public as PDFs. Here you can find a lot of what we’ve released through our Patreon, as well as some material from before 9th Key Press when this website was Role-Play Craft.

Please enjoy!


These are optional or homebrew rules, generally for 5th edition.

Supplements and Worksheets

These are supplements that are meant to be filled in or followed.

GM’s Toolbox

These are articles that touch on role-play and game master theory and practice.

Keyed Locations

These are supplements taking one of our generic maps and giving it the adventure location treatment.

Tales from the Sablewood

A setting of woodland critters for 5th Edition.

Al-Qadim 5e Conversion

Materials for using the Al-Qadim setting from 2nd Edition in the 5th Edition system.

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