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Today is Tuesday, which means: maps! Lots of stuff today folks, so check them out.

Our new public map today is a free-to-use updated version of an older map I did for Inktober. This is a set of tombs in a canyon, somewhere in an arid rocky waste. Notably, this map lacks a grid, which isn’t common among my work.

300 dpi, PNG, free-to-use
Creative Commons License
The Canyon Tombs by Patrick McGill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Over on the Patreon another free-to-use map was released as an early access reward to patrons. Preview the sample below and consider becoming one among that noble group of generous individuals here.

We are also releasing a number of illustrations and maps into the public sphere today that were previously in Early Access on the Patreon. Check them out!

Creative Commons License

these images by Patrick McGill are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

All of these images have been put on the Free-to-Use gallery so go grab them and use them! I want to see zines, modules, one page dungeons from you potential talented tRPG developers.

Good morning and welcome to the second edition of our monthly Saturday Morning Brief, in which we review the preceding month’s releases and preview the next one.


The number of releases for the month of April have me pretty excited. Productivity is currently my main over-arching goal before I open myself up to commissions, so I am happy to be at a level that is more than I set as my personal minimum. The releases for the past month were:

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