The Circle Caverns, Dark Elf Ruins, and Other Releases

Today I want to share with you a map I’m releasing as free-for-use under a Creative commons license, meaning anyone can use it for creative or commercial endeavors (as long as you attribute it thank you very much).

Creative Commons License
TheCircleCaverns by Patrick McGill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

It will also be added to our Free-for-Use gallery.

Secondly, another map from the Patreon is leaving early-access and is moving into our map gallery. This one is a Dark Elf Ruin.

This map is an outside ruin area using an architectural style I’ve been experimenting with for my own Dark Elf culture. These elves are a northern-boreal culture as opposed to the underdark Drow.

Over on the Patreon today we have two releases.

One is a map called the Sighing Barrow (kudos to bonnishka from twitter for coming up with the name) for all patrons.

The other is a longer article on Combat and Narrative for Adept level patrons. That one is… well it’s a weird one. I suspect to edit and rewrite many parts of it many times.

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