The Shrine of St. Sabella

Talking with a few folks recently about Isometric maps reminded me of my first ever attempt, this Shrine of St. Sabella. I decided now would be a good time to share it on my website, as I’ve only ever posted it once on twitter before.

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Figures and Hovels

Today I’ve got for you a trio of images. Two are carvings or wooden figures, while the third is a whimsical rocky hovel I did quite awhile ago but recently edited to make the lines look nicer. All three might be useful as illustrative elements in a role-playing session.

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A Cottage, a Key, and a Ruin

Everything in this post has been added to the Illustration Gallery and the Map Gallery.

Firstly we got here a cozy little cottage, and a key that I quite like.

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Old Fortress, a Smuggler’s Cove, and Other Images


It’s Tuesday, which means release day. I’ve got a couple of maps and illustrations for you today. These are all older images I may have shared on social media before, but they have been cleaned up and (in the case of the maps at least) added to, tweaked, or detailed further. Think of them as director’s cuts!

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