Dungeon Map: Spiritlight Tunnels

Hey, it’s been awhile. I’ll probably have a more robust update soon, but until then enjoy a new map I’ve made. This is my first foray into digital illustration and painting, so I hope you enjoy it.

The Spiritlight Tunnels

A set of caves that open up into a millennia-old ruin lit with mysterious light.

Figures and Hovels

Today I’ve got for you a trio of images. Two are carvings or wooden figures, while the third is a whimsical rocky hovel I did quite awhile ago but recently edited to make the lines look nicer. All three might be useful as illustrative elements in a role-playing session.

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Sinkhole Caverns and the Hidden Temple

Today I have for you two free maps!

Both of these maps have something in common. Mainly that I am not exactly happy with how either of them have turned out, but also that both of them have taught me valuable lessons.

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