Sinkhole Caverns and the Hidden Temple

Today I have for you two free maps!

Both of these maps have something in common. Mainly that I am not exactly happy with how either of them have turned out, but also that both of them have taught me valuable lessons.

The Sinkhole Cavern map, for example, helped me to change how I do cavern walls (which you will get to see the fruits of that labor at a later date).

The Hidden Temple map is actually an older map I did last year and that I revamped and added to in an attempt to bring it up to my newer standards. I think it hasn’t quite gotten there, however. It’s interesting enough that I think it worth releasing, however.

Anyway, please enjoy! Both maps have been added to the Map Gallery.

Author: Patrick McGill of 9th Key Press

Content creator for 9th Key Press.

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